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We can’t do this without your generosity…

The pandemic has caused trauma for millions of people. So many of us are lonely, without focus and/or grieving. For those already living with physical and mental health problems, conditions continue to spiral.

Our communities are in crisis and it's not going away.

There are many ways you can support our health and wellness initiatives; whether you donate money or give your time and energy as a volunteer, we can’t thank you enough for your kindness.

Please help us to help others, we’re needed more than ever. 

Please donate today.



Want to support Nature’s Haven in other ways?

Corporate Sponsorship

It’s a win-win…we receive the help we need to continue our mission and in return your organisation receives tax deductions and a positive boost to your brand and corporate social responsibilities. 

Why partner with us

  • Motivate staff and encourage team building

  • Meet Corporate Social Responsibility objectives

  • Help us tackle isolation and improve mental and physical health of more people

  • Build brand profile

  • Secure positive PR

There are different ways your organisation can sponsor us:


In return for your financial contribution, we give your organisation recognition by having your logo on our website and a case study of how your contribution has made a positive impact on our community.  If your organisation is sponsoring a specific event, you will be recognised on materials such as signage, merchandise, and online advertising.


An in-kind sponsorship involves your organisation donating goods or services to an event or project.


You may wish to contribute to the cost of promoting an event. This could include online advertising, radio promotions, TV ads, or printed advertisements.

Corporate/Employee Giving

Beyond typical corporate sponsorships, there are other forms of corporate giving that can help our cause. These include automatic payroll deductions, volunteer programs, and corporate matching gifts.

We pride ourselves on ensuring we have a symbiotic and personal relationship with each of our partners.  Please contact either Claire or Aleks for more details.

Thanks for submitting!

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