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Happy New Year . . . Happy New Garden!

Firstly, we'd like to apologise for the radio silence of late . . . certainly not our intention but we have been so busy behind the scenes in preparation for the exciting new year ahead.  Full-on maintenance and general housekeeping continues in the garden including construction of more veg beds, stripping away undesirable vegetation to allow for new planting with plans for a small orchard too and, of course, all the while keeping mindful of the precious pollinators and wild life.  Our educational programme  'Sow, Grow, Eat & Repeat' will be ready to launch in the Spring - these workshops highlight the delights & benefits of growing your own fruit & veg, how to tend, harvest, cook the produce and learn about the nutritional value and healing properties of your food.  More detailed information is to follow in our next newsletter.

We are also heavily involved in a variety of innovative community projects and currently still in the throes of thrashing out the finer details . . . we really can't wait to announce details on these exciting collaborations, all with an emphasis on health & wellbeing, biodiversity, sustainability, life learning skills, social interaction & a feeling of community connectedness . . . stay tuned.  

In the meantime, if you fancy getting involved at the garden site, our Volunteer Sessions are starting up again every Saturday morning at 10 am - Midday from 27th January at:

Maidenhead Community Centre, 4 Marlow Road, Maidenhead, SL6 7HY

By the way, Nature's Haven's New Year's Resolutions -

1.  Gardening

2.  Gardening

3.  Gardening


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