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Indoor plants for the not-so-green fingered…

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

I’m more of an outdoor girl myself, tending to my garden and allotment in all weathers but more recently I have embraced the joy and health benefits that houseplants give and have expanded my collection. They’re not always easy to look after. In fact, if I had a pound for everyone who tells me they are houseplant exterminators then Nature’s Haven would have a very healthy donation pot!

Unfortunately, I’ve had a few casualties along the way, so why do so many of us get it wrong? It usually comes down to light levels and watering – get those right and you’re on to a winner. There are, however, some plants that easier to look after than others. So, if you’re a first-time plant parent, I’ve put together a list of the (almost) ‘indestructibles’ – those plants that can tolerate sporadic care-

Top tips for looking after your plants:

· Always read the label – sounds simple and it is! Just like a recipe, it’s about getting all your ingredients (water, light, feed etc) in the right quantity, at the right time and the right temperature. If you’re buying online the supplier will usually give a care and information guide.

· Avoid bright direct sunlight as this will cause leaf scorching. Bright filtered light is best, but some plants are happy in the shade. ‘Right plant, right place’.

· Get the watering right. Digits to the ready – push your finger in to the soil. If the soil is moist no watering is necessary. If it is dry add water. If you put water into the bottom of the plant pot you risk the plant sitting in the water for an extended period which can cause rotting. Get a container and put a few centimetres of water in it. Place your plants in the water and leave for 30 mins. Then drain and put back into their plant pots

· Remove dead leaves by either pulling or cutting to allow more light in to the plant and hopefully avoid any disease / mould getting into the plant.

· Dead head as necessary to encourage fresh growth.

· If you’re going away for an extended period of time ask someone to water your plants.

· Sit back and enjoy!

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