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Tackling Loneliness for Mental Health Awareness Week

At Nature's Haven it is our mission to bring communities together and connect people through nature and foster a sense of belonging. Loneliness is at all-time high in this country post the pandemic. The Campaign to End Loneliness states that there are currently over nine million lonely people in the UK. Anyone, whatever their age, gender, culture or abilities, can find themselves disconnected from others and feeling lonely.

As social beings, we each need to interact with others; to connect in positive ways and feel that we are understood, that we belong and are valued by others. One of our core values at Nature's Haven is to ensure inclusiveness and no matter what, you can be yourself and be welcomed with open arms #youdoyou

On a particularly gloomy lunchtime in January, I took some time out and switched on the TV. This is not something I normally do but fate has a way of working its magic...I was watching #stephspackedlunch and Steph was interviewing Gill Hasson, a leading author with 20 years' experience teaching and writing on a range of issues including mental health and wellbeing.

I found Gill compelling. She is a warm and friendly person and I believe her succinct, simple and practical advice in Lonely Less is achievable. Anyone can implement her strategies to counter loneliness, connect with and enjoy the company of other people, make friends, be understood and feel a sense of belonging. She also discusses how to support others who may be struggling with feelings of loneliness.

We thought you might want to take a look at her book for ways to cope...

“At best, loneliness is uncomfortable. At worst, it’s miserable and can leave you feeling desperate.” – Gill Hasson

  • Meet new people and make friends

  • Fit in and be in tune with others

  • Manage time alone

  • Keep connected when working from home

  • Manage existential loneliness; the disconnection that can follow a traumatic experience

Lonely Less

How to connect with others, make friends and feel less lonely

Paperback original and e-book, £10.99

Published by Capstone, June 2021

ISBN: 9780857089045

Gill Hasson has 20 years' experience teaching and writing on a range of issues to do with personal and professional development, mental health and wellbeing. She is the author of more than 22 books; the bestselling Mindfulness, Mindfulness Pocketbook, Emotional Intelligence, Positive Thinking, the Sunday Times bestseller How To Deal With Difficult People, plus other books on the subjects of resilience, communication skills, assertiveness, and Careers. Follow: @gillhasson

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