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Nature's Haven interview with Lizzie Jones on Royal Borough Radio

We were delighted to be interviewed by journalist, Lizzie Jones, who hosts the Community Matters show on Royal Borough Radio - a non-profit online community radio station. Lizzie visited our garden at Maidenhead Community Centre to see what the team and volunteers have achieved and to find out more about Nature's Haven. You can listen to the interview here:

What is Community Matters . . .

The Community Matters show on Royal Borough Radio exists to promote community groups, volunteer opportunities, and thank involved individuals. We always want to hear from any groups that want to be interviewed about what they do. How our listeners can help. Events and Charity fundraisers that need a boost will always find a welcome and airtime on our show. The show is one hour a week and exists for the benefit of community groups to reach out to the wider public about what is already going on in our local area as well as to inspire action from those who are at present not volunteering or don’t know about the rich network of community activities in the borough.

With regards to volunteering what we are looking for is people to tell us via social media and email about local events, stories about volunteers and what stakeholders in the community are up to. Really just to engage with the show and keep a dialogue between groups and potential donors, service users and volunteers.

To listen to Royal Borough Radio -

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